Hello, I'm Andrius Simanaitis. I am in the final year of my software engineering bachelor degree at Kaunas Technology University. Even though, my first public project was an android application from the very beginning I was interested in web development. I started by learning and working with php. Today I'm familiar with node (express.js), sql, nosql (mongoDb), my current passion is Frontend.

In my free time I love learning about language I have even written a Discord bot which helps learners of Lithuanian on daily basis.

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Technologies I have worked with:

gitjavascriptphpreactreact nativesasstypescriptvue.jsjava

Career Milestones

Atvira karta

Atvira Karta is my current workplace. I started my 3 months internship at Atvira Karta in February 2021. Then in June 2021 I got offered the job and since then, I've been working there. At my job I have do full-stack things with front-end having the main focus.

Technologies in use: React, Java.

Marijampolės Miesto Menu

Marijampolės Miesto Menu was a project dedicated to my hometown Marijampolė. The projected lasted for over two years and was developed by three classmates - Matas Kaminskas, Tadas Žaliauskas and me.

I was responsible for gathering the data from various sources like Facebook Graph API or scrapping the website of the local cinema as well as making and mainining the UI for the data so we could manually fix the possible errors.
The project has been discontinued, however, you can still download it from Google Play.


KAYAK UI ACADEMY was an academy that lasted for 4 months. To get into this academy we had to recreate a react component from the given mock. In this academy I learned not only how to write React components but also one of the most commonly used libraries together with React - Redux.

NFQ academy, autumn 2019

NFQ academy was an academy that lasted for 3 months. This academy was more intense than the previous one. And even though main focus was on the Symfony framework we had exercises on various topics like git.

The academy included the group project with 2-3 back enders, 1 front ender and a mentor - an employee of NFQ.

My projects


ActiveGen is a project dedicated for young families with little children looking for various activies for their children. The project was created with a team of students as the graduating project of the NFQ academy. Our team consisted of 4 people as well as the mentor. The three other team members were responsible for the back end part while my main response was the front end side. The front end was implemented using React.


Warehouse is a small project that tries to simulate warehouse/eshop administration side. The project has no back end and uses localstorage to store all the data. Although, there is no real database/back end, the proeject still makes pseudo API calls to simulated database and not-instant response times. The project uses React together with Typescript.


preview of Accounting

Accounting was a small project very similar to the Warehouse one. The project was coded with VUE. Users can manage (CRUD) the list of various items and get a bill — printable version of the items without the "add/delete" type buttons.

mortas bot

preview of mortas bot

mortas bot is not a website but it is a discord bot. Despite discord being marketed as a platform for gamers, there are also other various communities such as language learners. This bot is intended to be used by such community and its main functionality revolves about two main features:

You can either join my discord server (the link below) and test it out or use the invitation link to invite it to your own server. The project was made with the help of discord.js.